Tooltips are floating labels that briefly explain the function of a user interface element. They can be triggered when merchants hover, focus, tap, or click.


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    Use only when necessary to provide an explanation for an interface element.

    Best practices

    Tooltips should:

    • Provide useful, additional information or clarification.
    • Succinctly describe or expand on the element they point to.
    • Be provided for icon-only buttons or a button with an associated keyboard shortcut.
    • Not be used to communicate critical information, including errors in forms or other interaction feedback.
    • Not contain any links or buttons.
    • Be used sparingly. If you’re building something that requires a lot of tooltips, work on clarifying the design and the language in the experience.

    Content guidelines

    Basic tooltips

    Tooltips should:

    • Be written in sentence case
    • Be concise and scannable
    • Not be used to communicate error messages or important account information


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