The layout component is used to create the main layout on a page. Layouts sections come in three main configurations. one-column, two-column, and annotated. One and two column layouts can be combined in the same page. Annotated layouts should be used on their own and only on settings pages.

Layout component examples

Use to have a single section on its own in a full-width container. Use for simple pages and as a container for banners and other full-width content.

import {Page, Layout, LegacyCard} from '@shopify/polaris';
import React from 'react';

function LayoutExample() {
  return (
    <Page fullWidth>
          <LegacyCard title="Online store dashboard" sectioned>
            <p>View a summary of your online store’s performance.</p>


interface LayoutProps

Automatically adds sections to layout.


The content to display inside the layout.

Best practices

The layout component should:

  • Use sections with white backgrounds for primary content and sections with grey backgrounds for secondary content that is less important
  • Center cards on the background when there is no secondary card on the page to stop the content from becoming too wide
  • Group similar concepts and actions together in cards
  • Separate different cards using a full-width divider
  • Structure primary/secondary, two-column layouts so the primary ⅔ section is used for main information and the secondary ⅓ section is used for information that might not be used as often but remains helpful for context or secondary tasks
  • Use equal-width layouts with two or more columns when each layout section has the same importance

Content guidelines

The content that appears in the layout component comes from cards and annotated sections.


Content from cards should follow the content guidelines for cards.

Annotated section titles

Annotated section titles should follow the content guidelines for headings and subheadings.

Annotated section descriptions

Annotated section descriptions should:

  • Be used if the explanation or purpose of the associated cards isn’t clear
  • Provide instructions for any choices merchants need to make, or explain the purpose of the section
  • Be short, no more than 1–3 sentences
  • Direct merchants to more content in the Help Center with “Learn more” links
  • Not repeat the section title
  • Use complete sentences and regular punctuation

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