Build. Contribute. Evolve.

Shape the merchant experience for Shopify’s core product, the admin.


Our design foundations offer fundamental design elements and guidance for creating good merchant experiences.

Media card and date picker components


Components are reusable building blocks made of interface elements and styles, packaged through code. Piece them together, improve them, and create new ones to solve merchant problems.

Media card and date picker components


Design tokens are coded names that represent design decisions for elements like color, spacing, and typography. Applying them to our designs unifies merchant experiences.

A card containing a color preview, a token name and a description.


The Polaris icon library has 400+ carefully designed icons focused on commerce and entrepreneurship. Use them as visual aids to help merchants complete tasks.

A grid containing icons from Polaris

Polaris for VS Code

Automatic autocompletion for Polaris tokens, right inside your favorite code editor.

Screen shot of the Polaris VS Code extension actively autocompleting the value of a background CSS rule with the surface success design token.

We've made some improvements to our website to help you build more efficiently with Polaris.