Subheadings are used for the title of any sub-sections in top-level page sections.


This component is no longer supported. Please use the Text component instead.

Mapping to the Text component

- <Subheading>Accounts</Subheading>
+ <Text variant="headingXs" as="h3">Accounts</Text>

Best practices

Subheadings should:

  • Be used to explain and clearly label logical groups in existing sections of a page
  • Not be used without a parent heading
  • Not be used in tables or list items, such as for the primary content in a resource list

Content guidelines

Subheadings should follow the content guidelines for headings and subheadings.


A clear and consistent heading structure helps merchants who have difficulty with reading or language. It also helps screen reader users to navigate the page using keystrokes that are custom to their screen reader.

Use the element prop to determine the specific HTML element that’s output for the subheading. The component defaults to a level 3 heading (<h3>). Use a different value for the element prop if a different subheading fits the context better.

Learn more about writing helpful headings and subheadings.


Use subheadings to support the hierarchy and structure of the page.


  • Use subheadings for style alone.
  • Use subheadings for major sections of the page.