Tooltips are floating labels that briefly explain the function of a user interface element. They can be triggered when merchants hover, focus, tap, or click.

Tooltip component examples

Use only when necessary to provide an explanation for an interface element.

import {Tooltip, Text} from '@shopify/polaris';
import React from 'react';

function TooltipExample() {
  return (
    <div style={{padding: '75px 0'}}>
      <Tooltip active content="This order has shipping labels.">
        <Text fontWeight="bold" as="span">
          Order #1001


interface TooltipProps

The element that will activate to tooltip.


The content to display within the tooltip.


Toggle whether the tooltip is visible.


Delay in milliseconds while hovering over an element before the tooltip is visible.


Dismiss tooltip when not interacting with its children.

preferredPosition?'above' | 'below' | 'mostSpace' | 'cover'

The direction the tooltip tries to display.

Defaults to 'above'.


The element type to wrap the activator in.

Defaults to 'span'.


Visually hidden text for screen readers.

width?'default' | 'wide'

Width of content.

Defaults to 'default'.

padding?'default' | Extract<SpaceScale, '400'>

Padding of content.

Defaults to 'default'.

borderRadius?"100" | "200"

Border radius of the tooltip.

Defaults to '200'.


Override on the default z-index of 400.


Whether to render a dotted underline underneath the tooltip's activator.


Whether the tooltip's content remains open after clicking the activator.

onOpen?() => void
onClose?() => void

Best practices

Tooltips should:

  • Provide useful, additional information or clarification.
  • Succinctly describe or expand on the element they point to.
  • Be provided for icon-only buttons or a button with an associated keyboard shortcut.
  • Not be used to communicate critical information, including errors in forms or other interaction feedback.
  • Not contain any links or buttons.
  • Be used sparingly. If you’re building something that requires a lot of tooltips, work on clarifying the design and the language in the experience.

Content guidelines

Basic tooltips

Tooltips should:

  • Be written in sentence case
  • Be concise and scannable
  • Not be used to communicate error messages or important account information

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