The autocomplete component is an input field that provides selectable suggestions as a merchant types into it. It allows merchants to quickly search through and select from large collections of options. It's a convenience wrapper around the Combobox and Listbox components with minor UI differences.


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    Use to help merchants complete text input quickly from a list of options.

    Best practices

    The autocomplete component should:

    • Be clearly labeled so it’s obvious to the merchant what type of options will be available
    • Limit the number of options displayed at once
    • Not be used within a popover
    • Indicate a loading state to the merchant while option data is being populated

    Content guidelines

    The input field for autocomplete should follow the content guidelines for text fields.


    See Material Design and development documentation about accessibility for Android:

    See Apple’s Human Interface Guidelines and API documentation about accessibility for iOS:


    The autocomplete component is based on the ARIA 1.2 combobox pattern and the Aria 1.2 Listbox pattern.

    The autocomplete list displays below the text field or other control by default so it is easy for merchants to discover and use. However, you can change the position with the preferredPosition prop.

    Autocomplete features can be challenging for merchants with visual, motor, and cognitive disabilities. Even when they’re built using best practices, these features can be difficult to use with some assistive technologies. Merchants should always be able to search, enter data, or perform other activities without relying on the autocomplete.


    Use autocomplete as progressive enhancement to make the interface easier to use for most merchants.


    Require that merchants make a selection from the autocomplete to complete a task.

    Keyboard support

    • Give the autocomplete text input keyboard focus with the tab key (or shift + tab when tabbing backwards)
    • Access the list of options with the up and down arrow keys
    • Select an option that has focus with the enter/return key