The collapsible component is used to put long sections of information under a block that can be expanded or collapsed by the merchant. Generally this is used for lower priority information or content that merchants don’t need to see all the time.


Use for a basic “show more” interaction when you need to display more content.

Drag to resize example


The content to display inside the collapsible.
Assign a unique ID to the collapsible. For accessibility, pass this ID as the value of the triggering component’s aria-controls prop.
Toggle whether the collapsible is expanded or not.

Best practices

The collapsible component should:

  • Be used for information that is lower priority or that merchants don’t need to see all the time
  • Be shown by default in an expanded state when a merchant loads a screen
  • Not be used to hide error messages or other critical information that requires an immediate action

Content guidelines

There are no content elements that are specific to the collapsible component. Follow the content guidelines for cards to make sure your headings, body content, links, and buttons are written consistently and clearly.