The collapsible component is used to put long sections of information under a block that merchants can expand or collapse.


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    Use for a basic “show more” interaction when you need to display more content.

    Best practices

    The collapsible component should:

    • Be used for information that is lower priority or that merchants don’t need to see all the time
    • Not be used to hide error messages or other critical information that requires an immediate action

    Content guidelines

    Collapsible containers are cards with expandable and collapsible functionality, and should follow the content guidelines for cards.


    See Material Design and development documentation about accessibility for Android:

    See Apple’s Human Interface Guidelines and API documentation about accessibility for iOS:

    Use the collapsible component in conjunction with a button. Place the collapsible content immediately after the button that controls it, so merchants with vision or attention issues can easily discover what content is being affected.

    • Use the required id prop of the collapsible component to give the content a unique id value
    • Use the ariaExpanded prop on the button component to add an aria-expanded attribute, which conveys the expanded or collapsed state to screen reader users
    • Use the ariaControls prop on the button component, and set its value to the id value of the collapsible component