What’s new?

The latest news, updates, and changes to the Polaris design system.

For the latest component changes, read the Polaris React release notes.

April 2018

Content and guidelines

  • Added an all-new “What’s new” page (the one you’re currently reading 🙃)
  • Added guidelines for timestamp formats in grammar and mechanics
  • Added “pick up” (verb) and “pickup” (noun) to the vocabulary page


  • The GraphQL API now surfaces design tokens (colors, spacing, and font stacks):
      designTokens {
    Try this query in your browser

March 2018

Content and guidelines

  • Removed the “Purpose” sections on all component pages, as they often overlapped with existing content.
  • Updated embedded component pages to feature more detailed usage guides. Also added some screenshots showing what embedded components look like in a Shopify app.

Component playground

  • Improved the component playground to display more detailed information about props and their respective types
  • Components with an icon prop (such as the Banner component) now show a list of all available icons in the playground
  • We tamed the text editor’s cursor so it doesn’t jump around unexpectedly anymore


Notable recent updates

We’re constantly updating the style guide and releasing new content for Polaris, but before March 2018, we didn’t have a place to share those updates. Here are a few you may have missed:

  • Naming is hard: that’s why we documented the names we give our products, features, and icons in the new naming guidelines page
  • Polaris Telescope: access Polaris from Sketch to speed up your design or development workflow