What’s new?

The latest news, updates, and changes to the Polaris design system.

For the latest component changes, read the Polaris React release notes.

August 2018

Website updates

  • We added new links to your favorite resources on the homepage
  • Component status: added links to the GitHub issues related to components under consideration and in development
  • Examples for iOS and Android are gradually being rolled out to components, starting with the card component

Content and guidelines

  • Error messages can be scary… The new error message guidelines help make errors visible to merchants, easy to understand, and helpful.
  • Apply consistent spacing to improve the quality of the user interface with the new spacing guidelines.
  • Type scale: changed “Display regular” to “Display medium”.

July 2018

Content and guidelines

  • Sounds are used to enhance the overall experience of our product. We’ve added a new style guide for designing sounds.


June 2018

Website updates

  • Scrolling should now feel more natural, and works a lot better on small screens.
  • You can now search for terms such as “dropshipping” or “POS” to discover the meaning behind the vocabulary used at Shopify. Thanks to Lucas C. at Algolia for the help in making this happen.
  • To improve the transparency of our roadmap, the component status page now features components in development and under consideration. It also shows a list of components that are not planned.


May 2018


Polaris React v2.0.0. This is the first major version of Polaris React since launch. Included in this release are:

  • Several new components, including data table, drop zone, app provider, and modal
  • Improvements to existing components, such as resource list, choice list, and cards
  • A few breaking API changes

Full v2.0.0 release notes

UI kit

We’ve also released a new version of the Sketch UI kit to reflect the new and updated components. The new UI kit includes more Polaris icons, as well as new layout templates for common page types. We’ve also revised how the kit is organized, so it’s now easier to use as a Sketch library.

We’ll keep updating the UI kit to ensure that the components in Sketch match the latest versions in React.

Download UI Kit

Content and guidelines

  • Introduced the interaction states guide, here to help merchants understand what to expect while interacting with Shopify
  • Added the all new internationalization guide. Learn how to build interfaces that work for Shopify merchants in every part of the world.
  • Introduced the guide to crafting the Shopify admin. The Shopify admin is where merchants set up their store and manage their business. These guidelines have practical ideas to help people who work for Shopify create a better admin for merchants.
  • Created the guide to designing apps for Shopify, to help you design apps that merchants trust, understand, and ultimately fall in love with.

April 2018

Content and guidelines

  • Added an all-new “What’s new” page (the one you’re currently reading 🙃)
  • Added guidelines for timestamp formats in grammar and mechanics
  • Added “pick up” (verb) and “pickup” (noun) to the vocabulary page


March 2018

Content and guidelines

  • Removed the “Purpose” sections on all component pages, as they often overlapped with existing content.
  • Updated embedded component pages to feature more detailed usage guides. Also added some screenshots showing what embedded components look like in a Shopify app (in v2 and up, refer to the app provider component).

Component playground

  • Improved the component playground to display more detailed information about props and their respective types
  • Components with an icon prop (such as the Banner component) now show a list of all available icons in the playground
  • We tamed the text editor’s cursor so it doesn’t jump around unexpectedly anymore


Notable previous updates

We’re constantly updating the style guide and releasing new content for Polaris, but before March 2018, we didn’t have a place to share those updates. Here are a few you may have missed:

  • Naming is hard: that’s why we documented the names we give our products, features, and icons in the new naming guidelines page
  • Polaris Telescope: access Polaris from Sketch to speed up your design or development workflow