Making commerce better for everyone means caring deeply about making quality products. A quality product should have a fantastic user experience (UX), including:

  • A beautiful and functional design
  • Consistent and useful copy
  • Principles of universal design and inclusivity

Usable for everyone

It’s important that Shopify products—and Partner products—are usable and useful to everyone.

“Everyone” is a pretty big group. It includes our merchants, their customers, our developer partners, our employees, and the greater tech community at large.

“Everyone” also includes:

Building inclusive experiences

Using our re-usable components is a way to improve accessibility and consistency when building products for Shopify.

  • The component library in this style guide includes component code we can use across applications
  • This component code includes accessible markup
  • Since the code exists in a single component that gets reused, it’s easier to update and fix any bugs

The build-it-once, use-it-everywhere model means the accessibility knowledge of the developers who build these components is now available to all of Shopify and our Partners. This way our users get a consistent, accessible experience, each and every time.

Alternative text

Our components use alternative text for icons, complex images, and actions (like buttons and links) to help people with low or loss of vision use our products.


Sometimes building accessible and inclusive experiences can be hard. If we’ve made any mistakes in this style guide, please reach out by creating a GitHub issue and help us make it better!