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Caption text size is smaller than the recommended size for general reading. On web, it should be used only in a graph or as a timestamp for a list item. On Android and iOS, it can also be used as help text or as other kinds of secondary text for list items.

Use to provide details in situations where content is compact and space is tight.

import {List, Caption} from '@shopify/polaris';
import React from 'react';

function Example() {
  return (
        Order #1001 <Caption>Received April 21, 2017</Caption>
        Order #1002 <Caption>Received April 22, 2017</Caption>


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interface CaptionProps

The content to use as a graph label or timestamp.

Best practices

  • Use for secondary labels in graphs and charts
  • May be used for timestamps in lists of content
  • Don’t use this component for other cases
  • Don’t use this component for text longer than a few words
  • Don’t use this component for aesthetic effect or to break from the standard text size

Content guidelines


Captions are primarily used in data visualizations. Stick to a few words and don’t use this component for complete sentences or longer content.


  • Use caption for labelling data visualizations Diagram of using captions to label graphs and other data content
  • Received April 21, 2017


  • Order #1001 was received on April 21, 2017
  • This is your recent activity


Follow best practices for data visualizations to ensure that the purpose of captions is clear to all merchants, including those with issues related to seeing or understanding data and complex information.